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From Rovato, our entry into Franciacorta

It has a delicate, refined and persistent flavor that is hard to forget. It is the Beef with Rovato Oil , the gateway to the fantastic territory of Franciacorta . It is a real delicacy and every fork you put in your mouth will tell you, piece by piece, an intangible heritage , that of flavors, of this corner of the province of Brescia.

Although the succulent morsel of immaterial has very little, its history is instead linked to a recipe never written and always handed down “vertically” from mother to daughter, from host to boy. And we have it today, in a nutshell: beef + anchovies + breadcrumbs + olive oil .

It would seem that already from the sixteenth century the ruined nobilitassero this dish preparing it for the holidays. Today the Manzo all’Olio has the De.Co. brand or Municipal Denomination of Origin and is definitely a dish not to be missed during the Lombardy fair Meat, an essential stage to peep during a visit dedicated to Franciacorta, the land of bubbles, full of aromas and flavors.

We cross the doors of Franciacorta starting from Rovato to start our tour …

Immersed in a true oasis of peace on Mount Orfano there is theConvent of the Annunciata , a religious complex of the ‘400, among the largest in the region. Its appearance is rather bare appearance, but go further and enter the convent, you will be fascinated admiring the remains of valuable frescoes and beyond the Cloister with the beautiful loggia of 1600 with views across the Po Valley to the Apennines.

In the Borgo del Maglio, an ancient medieval forge, you can relive an ancient local tradition, that of the “bruzafĂ©r” craft , the technique of working with red-hot iron for the creation of tools, furnishing elements and sculptures, once widespread in Franciacorta.

Knowing the history, recent or not, of the province of Brescia it is possible to cross the portals of the noble palaces, open to the public, and to take away the elements and memories of illustrious passages such as that of Antonio Fogazzaro or Gosuè Carducci who in Palazzo Torrithey met.

So between a glass and the other, in the land of Franciacorta, where wine is not just tradition, but history, with plantations cultivated since the sixteenth century, you can know a territory where relaxation seems to be the common denominator of each experience .

Even on the Napoleonic Cadastre of 1809 it is certified the existence of almost 1000 hectares of vineyards much higher than the needs of about 40,000 inhabitants and therefore intended for sale. The tradition of these sought-after bubbles is very long!

A visit to Franciacorta means getting excited among the landscapes of the nineteen villages of the province of Brescia, where renaissance abbeys, convents and churches make this place the perfect destination for a “slow” holiday .

For those who love nature can not miss an afternoon boat on Lake Iseo with a stop on Monteisola, the largest natural lake island in Italy, with a museum, very special, dedicated to fishing nets, whose production was among the most important in the whole country. Even today, something has remained in the hamlet of Peschiera Maraglio, surely many memories that the old people of the area will be able to transfer to.

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