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New York: ideas to be scored before leaving

Long Island City – Gantry Plaza State Park gigantic gantries transfer bridges in Long Island City located in the borough of Queens, New York.

New York is one of those places you should be lucky enough to see more than once in a lifetime. Why do not count the days spent doing the turns in Time Square or Central Park. Every time you get home, you will have the feeling of missing something. Not to have seen everything there was to see. And the feeling in effect, it is not so far from reality, given the speed in which the city changes and also change our expectations.

So to start off on the right foot, better to rely on a credit card: there will always be occasions, events and visits to be scheduled at the last minute. Because when you go to New York nothing is taken for granted. And having the ability to manage everything in peace, without having to go around with a large number of cash, is not cheap. In the meantime, we’ve thought of ten destinations, things to do and see, if you’re lucky enough to go to New York in the next few months.

Top of the Rocks, the most beautiful sight

For the best view of New York and Central Park, leave the Empire State Building for a moment. Better to score another place, to be seen possibly at sunset. The highest point is 70 floors above Midtown, the Top Of The Rock terrace. The 30 Rock, as it is called by New Yorkers, was inaugurated as early as 1933, it was before the RCA – the Radio Corporation of America – and then General Electrics, today it is Comcast, one of the most important media industries in the world, owning the other from NBC and Universal Pictures. 30 Rock is not by chance also a television series dedicated to the television world. Returning to the rooftop terrace, it’s best to book the place first, especially if you plan to go to New York in the high season. Online tickets can be purchased by booking the time of the visit – which can also be changed later -: 34 dollars are charged for adults and 28 for children, while the youngest ones go free for up to six years . To know more: Top of the Rock
Not just Manhattan, discovering Long Island City

It is the largest district in New York, between Bronx and Brooklyn. Long Island City is the most well-known area, with warehouses converted to art galleries and subway trains traveling on the elevated tracks. It is said that here we can see the authentic New York, the multiethnic one, the one that populated Manhattan before the arrival of Starbucks and company. Long Island City is known in particular for its artistic soul. Here is the Ps1, one of the best museums in New York, affiliated to the Moma. To keep in mind the hours: closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the other days open from 12 to 18. Better to buy tickets online: Moma

The seat is an elegant nineteenth-century school, you enter from Jackson Avenue, all the luggage, backpacks and bags are checked. To be marked also a visit to theGantry Plaza State Park : a beautiful 12-hectare park overlooking the East River, for a spectacular view of Manhattan.

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