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To avoid being bothered, the basic rule is to buy a motorcycle with a Vietnamese plate. You can buy it in Vietnam, but you will also find in Laos or Cambodia no problem, because many “motorcyclists” end their trip and resell their motorcycle in these countries.

Some customs officers being corrupt, you will sometimes have to pay a bribe to spend with your bike. (See our tips to avoid problems with customs officers and the list of the most common border scams ).

It is theoretically possible to enter Thailand with a motorcycle from Laos or Cambodia, but it is very complicated. Indeed, your name must appear on the blue card, which involves lengthy steps in Vietnam to put the bike in your name.

In addition, the Thai authorities will ask you to fill out shipping information, a crew list, a passenger list and a temporary import and export form. In practice, it is very rare for travelers to continue their motorcycle journey from Laos or Cambodia to Thailand.

Cambodia border – Vietnam

You can cross by motorbike via one of these five border posts:

  • Bavet / Moc Bai
  • Kaam Samnor / Ving Xuong
  • Phnom Den / Tinh Good
  • Prek Chak / Xa Xia
  • The Thanh / O Yadao crossing

Laos border – Vietnam

You can cross a motorbike via one of these six border posts:

  • Sop Hun / Tay Trang
  • Na Maew / Nam Xoi
  • NamCan / Nam Khan
  • Nam Phao / Cau Treo
  • Dansavanh / Lao Bao
  • Bo Y / Ngoc Hoi

Laos border – Cambodia

There is only one border post to cross on motorbikes:

  • Veun Kham / Dom Kralor

Beware, although nothing legally prohibits passage with a motorcycle between Laos and Cambodia, corruption is a real problem at this border post. Some backpackers have been denied passage.


Depending on the country, you may need a visa to enter the territory.

  • Laos: You must obtain a visa on arrival valid for 30 days. It costs $ 30.
  • Cambodia: You need a visa that will be valid for 30 days. You can get your visa on arrival ($ 30) or ask for an e-visa ($ 37) before arriving at the border (which avoids having to pay a “supplement” to the customs officer)
  • Vietnam: You can stay 15 days in the country without a visa. If you plan to stay longer, you can apply for a 30-day e-visa (€ 25) before you arrive. You can also make a visa on arrival that can be valid for 30 or 90 days for one or more entries ($ 45 to $ 95). See our visa file for Vietnam .

You will find more information in our visa file around the world .

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Must I already know how to ride a motorcycle?

No, it is not mandatory. Many travelers drive a motorcycle for the first time in South East Asia. They are very easy to take in hand and the person to whom you buy it will teach you willingly to drive and shift gears. However, if it is the first time you drive a motorcycle, be very careful on the road, especially in big cities.

If possible, avoid driving in a location with heavy traffic or rush hour traffic. If you want to put all the chances on your side to avoid having an accident, you can pass your motorcycle license at home, before leaving.

Safety on the road

In shorts, flip-flops and without a helmet, the perfect example of what not to doIn shorts, flip-flops and without a helmet, the perfect example of what not to do

Do not hide it, driving a motorcycle in Southeast Asia is dangerous. The traffic can be dense, the code of the road is little respected, the roads are sometimes in very bad state and are slippery when they are wet or dusty.

In Laos and Cambodia, there are not many people and people drive quite quietly. In Vietnam, however, you will face a real swarm of scooters. They tumble from everywhere in the big cities.

The road along the coast of Vietnam is also very busy. Apart from the Hue – Danang section which offers beautiful scenery, it is better to take the road that passes inside the country. The traffic is much quieter there.

Here are some tips to minimize the risk of accidents:

  • Choose a good helmet and always drive with it, even if it’s hot.
  • Do not leave part of your body apparent. Wear a jacket, pants and closed shoes.
  • Do not put your bag too far in the back of your luggage rack, it will unbalance your bike. It must be between the saddle and the luggage rack.
  • Do not drive too fast and pay attention to the road constantly.
  • Never drive at night.
  • Take breaks regularly.
  • Do not drive when you are too tired and / or drunk.
  • Always drive as far to the right as you can from the road, as the vehicles in front of you have an unfortunate tendency to bite on your side of the road.
  • On descents, especially on wet, sandy or dusty roads, downshift to use your engine brake.
  • Do not brake too sharply, especially with your front brake.
  • Follow the rule of “the biggest vehicle wins”. Act as if cars and trucks always take precedence over you.
  • When a vehicle is doubling in front of you, it will sometimes be necessary to deport you on the roadside. Decelerate to avoid slipping.
  • You will often see motorcycles or scooters driving against the meaning. Be vigilant and obviously do not do like them.
  • The locals have the unspoken rule of dealing only with what is going on in front of them. Again, do not look like them and look around.
  • Do not hesitate to use your horn to warn of your approach, indicate that you double, etc. In South East Asia, the use of the horn is an integral part of the driving style and often replaces the use of mirrors.
  • Really slow down when approaching speed bumps (groups of five or ten transverse white lines). They can be very slippery.
  • Pay particular attention to debris on the road, potholes and stray animals.
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Motorcycles are the most used means of transportation for people in Southeast Asia. Many travelers therefore choose to discover the region by bike.

Navigating the countryside, coast and mountains of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia on your motorcycle is perhaps the best way to explore these countries.

In this folder, we explain in detail how to buy your bike yourself and move to Southeast Asia.



Driving in the open air, in the winding mountain roads, in the midst of beautiful scenery or in the crazy traffic of the big Asian cities is a unique experience that provides a good dose of adrenaline.

Traveling on a motorbike allows you to explore more easily the most remote corners, where public transport does not go. Unlike the bus, you always have a 180 ° panoramic view and can stop when you want to enjoy the scenery or take pictures.

You are also closer to the locals. You ask for directions, talk during your stops and are invited to exchange with garage owners to maintain and repair your vehicle.

The motorcycle is an extremely flexible means of transport. You can easily change programs, make a detour, stay longer in a place you like or shorten your stay and quickly go to your next destination.

You are not constrained by public transport schedules and can visit countries at your own pace. It is also a relatively inexpensive means of transportation because a used motorcycle is not expensive and does not consume a lot of fuel.

The inconvenients

The motorcycle trip is not only a part of pleasure. You have to deal with sometimes chaotic traffic, pollution, accident risks and bad weather.

You must also pay attention to where you leave your vehicle when you are not on it so you do not fly it.

It is a fairly lonely means of transport, because even if you travel to several you can not discuss when you drive.

Traveling on a motorcycle can also be tiring. You must be constantly attentive and can not rest like in a bus or plane.

You will also face additional costs to go to the islands, because you then need to transport or store your bike.

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I am afraid of culture shock

Even if you are an open-minded person, it is possible that the confrontation with poverty and a culture very different from yours will destabilize you. Cultural shock usually occurs a few weeks after arrival in a country. At first, you are fascinated by this new culture, but after a while, some things that seemed normal to you become unacceptable to you. You feel betrayed and it generates frustration and anxiety in you. No worries, it’s a normal process. To minimize it, find out about the countries you visit, prepare yourself mentally and plan to stay in touch with your loved ones.

I will be homesick

It is possible that you have a little blues after a few weeks or months of travel. Your loved ones will miss you and you will have a little negative vision of your trip. Certain circumstances, such as an event in your family (birth, marriage, death …) or the fact that you are very attached to your loved ones, can amplify homesickness. Traveling too fast can also be a cause, as you will lose some of your bearings. In this case, ask yourself a moment in a place where you feel good. Homesickness often goes away as quickly as it came.

To travel is to flee the real life

For some, there may be a part of flight in wanting to travel. It is sometimes an argument of your family that is afraid to see you go so far and so long. The click that pushes you to go around the world can come from a breakup, the death of a loved one, a dismissal … The trip is not the miracle solution to solve all your problems, but it can be a great source of personal enrichment. It is often also a nice parenthesis which allows to relativize your problems.

I will feel lonely

One of the biggest obstacles to traveling for single people is the fear of leaving alone. Many think of finding a traveling companion before departure, but ultimately very few do. In fact, many tourdumondists, women or men, go solo. Paradoxically, traveling alone favors meetings. You have to go to others. It may seem odd to you if you have not traveled a lot yet, but when you go solo, you finally spend quite a bit of time alone. And, if you are a natural introvert, this is a great way to overcome your shyness.

Are we going to support each other?

For couples, it’s more the opposite question: “Will we get to live together h24 without farting the lead?” There, we can not guarantee you a success rate of 100%. We have heard about couples who broke during a world tour. But it’s finally quite rare and often there was already some tension before departure. In most cases, the couple comes out reinforced. Sharing so many extraordinary experiences is a unique binder.

Find your balance of couples on a tripFind your balance of couples on a trip

I am afraid for the education of children

Leaving with children means no school, often during a school year. However, families of Turdumondists do not give up the education of their children. Parents usually give a few hours of lessons a day during the trip. Sometimes the teacher is even seduced by the project and agrees to do a little remote monitoring.

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How many people dream one day to go around the world, but never act? Indeed, it is very easy to find excuses to postpone this project, sometimes indefinitely. Here are the excuses that come up most often.

It’s too expensive

On average, a round the world costs € 15,000, but this is only an average. Tourdumondists arrive to travel a year with a budget of less than 7 000 €, limiting the number of plane tickets and choosing countries in which life is not expensive. In some parts of the world it is possible to travel with less than 10 € per day.

Even without a great salary, it is quite possible to put money aside by limiting as much as possible all your superfluous expenses: living in a roommate or at your parents’ home, traveling by bike or public transport, limiting your going out to bars and restaurants, quitting … everything is a matter of priority.

It’s too dangerous

When you look at the news on TV, you sometimes have the impression of living in a world so hostile that you do not have to leave home. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also quite alarmist. Of course, some areas or countries are to be avoided. But they are finally quite few.

It is in fact mainly a fear of the unknown. The barrier of the tongue scares. But in reality, in most countries of the world, you can travel by simply applying the basic safety rules. Of the thousands of Turdumondists who leave each year, very few are victims of problems that actually endanger their physical integrity.

The country security card of the Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe country security card of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It’s bad for my career

Going around the world is not seen by employers as a sign of a lack of motivation. On the contrary, it is often a positive point on a resume. Someone who has made a long trip usually has initiative, has good resistance to stress and has a good ability to adapt. It’s appreciated by the employers. Most Tourdumondists find work quite quickly on their return.

You can also take a sabbatical leave or put yourself on standby and thus have the assurance of finding your job when you return. A world tour can also be an opportunity to mature a new professional project, such as starting a business or starting a business.

I do not know where to start organizing myself

For some, planning a world tour seems insurmountable. Indeed, it takes a little organization, but nothing really bad. Our site is here to help you. We did a detailed schedule of tasks to be done each month before departure. Our thematic files should normally answer almost every question you ask yourself. And if that’s not enough, you can ask your questions to other tourdumondists in our community on Facebook .


To discover other ways of living

To have time

When we ask someone how they are, how often do we hear “It’s a bit of a race right now!”? We live permanently at one hundred per hour. We go on, transport, work, shopping, cleaning, outings, holidays, without really taking time for ourselves. When we make a long trip, the relationship to time and totally different. There are no more constraints. You can take the time to do a two-week trek if you want to, admire a sunset or do nothing, simply.

To be free

When traveling, we do not have to answer to anyone: no leader to ask us where is our project. There is almost no time constraint and nothing attaches us to a place. Every day everything is possible. This freedom of the traveler is deeply felt. It’s an exhilarating sensation that usually appears after a few months, when you realize that this trip is more than just a vacation.

We are free to change plans as we want, maybe even zap a program country. We no longer have the social pressure that encourages us to behave as people expect it. One is free to be oneself, simply.

To disconnect

How many hours do we spend in front of a screen for a day? Computer, tablet, smartphone, we constantly have our eyes riveted on it. We need our regular dose of notifications: email, Facebook, Snapchat … Travel is a great way to leave our cyber-life a little to discover that the real world is not bad either.

It's still fun to watch the stars, no?It’s still fun to watch the stars, no?

To discover other ways of living

Traveling around the world, we meet people from very different cultures who share with us their conception of the world, their values, their spirituality and their way of life. Doing couchsurfing or woofing allows you to get a better idea of ​​the daily life of people from the countries you visit. It’s an unparalleled personal enrichment. It inevitably gains greater openness and a better understanding of the world and its operation. The meetings challenge our own models.

To meet other travelers

In our day-to-day life, we tend to rub shoulders with people who are ultimately very similar to us. Traveling allows you to get out of your social context. It is much easier to go to others when we know that we will probably never see them again. A world tour is therefore conducive to meetings, sometimes even in love.

The Mayan site of Tikal, in the jungle of GuatemalaThe Mayan site of Tikal, in the jungle of Guatemala

To see beautiful places

A life is not enough to see all the places in the world that one dreams of visiting just by taking a vacation. Go around the world is to see the wonders of nature and those built by man. We feel the place using its five senses. They are discovered in their cultural and geographical context. You can see what is outside the postcard. It is often believed to have already seen everything through the prism of screens, but many incredible wonders are still unknown, completely ignored by the media. The pleasure of surprise is still possible. It’s exhilarating to play the explorer and even, why not, to follow in the footsteps of true adventurers.


Top Five Places to Visit in Finland

Regarded as the happiest country in the world, Finland is a north European nation that offers vast landscapes of immaculate natural beauty. It is noted for its ski fields, the world’s largest archipelago, the northern lights, the Midnight Sun, friendly locals, museums, national parks, and picturesque towns and cities. It is flocked by tourists throughout the year during summer and winter seasons. Here are the top five places to visit in Finland.


Being the capital of the country, it is the top pick destination for visitors to explore and easily reach neighborhoods and many attractions. The city resembles St. Petersburg for the design of buildings in Russian style. It stands out with a wide assortment of museums, finely crooked timber houses, and cathedrals. It is worth turning your jaunt to a long trip to sightsee the finest cultural centers here. Some incredible sites in Helsinki are the National Museum of Finland, Military Museum of Finland, Finnish National Gallery, the Fortress of Suomenlinna, and Seurasaari’s Open-Air Folk Museum. In Suomenlinna, visit the Church or Lighthouse and the Fortress to dawdle around it and the surrounding artistic gardens. With the eagle’s eye view, you will land to rustic quaint cabins and artistic manors, Finnish farms, meadows, the mermaid statue in Esplanadi Park, and Senate Square in Seurasaari.


The auroras or the northern lights may be best explored in Lapland and Levi Village. You may stay in any ski resort or a restaurant in the town or the village and choose any night between September and March in which the sky is clear. Arctic Circle tours to Rovaniemi, a World-War-II-torn town, will be fantastic that may take you to Arktikum Museum, Science Centre Pilke featuring northern forest exhibits, the underground museum of Saunta Claus Village, Oulanka National Park, the Jätkänkynttilä Bridge, trails through Salla Village. Ski enthusiasts may have activities like reindeer sledging, canoeing, rafting, and snowboarding.


Porvoo is home to beautiful patched timber red houses of the medieval style, cobbled alleys, and the Cathedral. Grab life jackets and enjoy padding in the Baltic Coast. Other impressive sites in Porvoo are an Iron Age burial ground, Iso Linnamäki Fortress, rocky coastal areas, and pools and saunas. Leisurely walk around the pine trees and wooden bridges at the site of Albert Edelfelt Studio Museum, which showcases paintings and heliogravures of the great artist. This place is ideal for picnic during summer.


Turku is the oldest town with endless historical sites ranging from the Cathedral, Archipelago National Park, Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum, and Ruissalo Island’s oak forests. Archipelago National Park is a tourists’ gem with innumerous beaches, islets, reefs, bedrocks, and windswept climes. It is a great spot for golf, volleyball, and basketball. Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum was an area to survive the Great Fire of Turku. It presents the pre-industrial era handicrafts. Ruissalo Island has Turku Castle, oak forests, gardens, a popular recreational center, beaches, and rocky outcrops.


It is a stupendous cultural and industrial town home to festivals and sports activities. It had the Russian influence to industrialization. Textiles, metalwork, and footwear are the main industries in the town. Särkänniemi Adventure Park has an art museum, a children’s zoo, a planetarium, an aquarium, and an observation tower. There are a number of theatres and cultural and recreation centers in Tampere. Do not miss to see the Central Square in Hämeenkatu to see four statues by Wäinö Aaltonen. Taking a ferry from Tampere, you may explore other unruffled villages like Pirkkala and Ylöjärvi.


Road Trip in Poland

Poland is an eastern European country with medieval architecture and rich history. It has become one of the best tourist destinations over the years. The people of this country are very friendly, warm, and welcoming. The country has lot of lakes, beaches, and beautiful mountains. The cities here are famous for its architectural beauty. It is quite huge and so it might take a week or so in vacation.

Taking a road trip is a great idea if you wish to cover many places at once. The road trips covering important tourist destinations of southern and western Poland are as follows.

Before starting a trip some words of caution, Poland roads are of poor quality except for highways that are kept in a good condition. Driving after dark is a bad idea as the roads are generally narrow with poor lighting and are often used by pedestrians and cyclists also.

Southern Road Trip


Krakow is a city near Czech border having a well-preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter. Some of the architectural highlights of this city include St Mary’s Basilica and Wawel Castle. The Wawel castle was built in the 14th century by the Polish Monarch Casimir III, the great. The castle is home to Polish crown jewels, the legendary sword of Szczerbiec, and the coronation sword. The old town back streets are nice place to wander and soak up the old heritage of the city.


The most famous tourist attraction is the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. It is an infamous Nazi’s concentration camp and is the first thing to strike the visitors entering the museum. This is devoted to the memory of murders that happened in the concentration camp during World War II. This museum has been visited by more than 25 million people.


Wisla is a beautiful town situated in the mountain range of Silesian Beskids. Beskidy Mountain’s stunning view can be captured by taking a chair lift to the top of Adam Malysz Ski Jump. There is a museum of skiing in Wisla and Lake Czernianskie, which can be enjoyed with a stroll or cycling.


Rabka is a town on the slopes of the Gorce Mountains. This town was used by Nazis to train torturers and executioners. But now this is a chic town that hosts a number of summer folk festivals. There are a few wonderful museums that show the rich history of the place.

Wielcika Salt Mine

Located in the outskirts of Krakow, this is one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Mining of salt started here as early as the 13th century and was stopped in 1996 due to floods. This is one of the largest tourist attractions and is visited by over a million tourists every year. The mine hosts incredible statues and chapels that are carved out of rock salt over the years. It also has an underground lake.

Western Road Trip


Warsaw is the capital of Poland known for its culture. It has some of the best museums in the world including Warsaw Rising Museum and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The old town has beautiful alleys, squares, and cafes and is a must visit. There are many royal residences of eminent Polish rulers here and the very sight of them will give an overview of some splendid monuments and architectures.

Masurian Lake District

Located near the lower Vistula River, this district has more than 2000 lakes. This lakeland is the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Europe’s lake districts. There are various choices of accommodation available. We can get around this place by either bicycles or boats.

Bialoweiza Forest

This forest is one of the well preserved primeval forests that once covered Europe. The forest is home to 800 odd wisent, a protected species of European bison. Guided tours are available to go around this forest.

Pack your bags and make this wonderful road trip in Poland; you will definitely be awestruck.


Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central American country having coastal lines on the Caribbean and Pacific. There are many breathtaking beaches and rainforests with teeming wildlife in this country. Beaches here are with white sand with palm tree stretch, black volcanic sand, or untouched rugged shorelines. They have charming shores with golden, rose, or white fine grain sand, or even sparkling colored corals. Beach lovers can relax for a long time, play with turtles, or enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, and surfing.

Here are a few best beaches in Coasta Rica.

Manuel Antonio

Located in Manuel Antonio National Park, it is considered the best beach for day outs and adventure tours. You can visit a set of luminous colorful beaches in Manual Antonia. Exploring rainforests from here is fun, where many bird species, squirrel monkeys, and sloths are on sight. This beach is best suited for snorkeling or diving, since coral reefs, shimmering green water, and water plants are amazing.

Playa Conchal

Playa conchal is a special beach because of its location. It is cut off from the rest of the world. To reach here, you have to walk along the shore from the nearby fishing hamlet of Playa Brasilito. This beach has calm waters ideal for swimming. The distinct sound of seashells shuffling with each approaching wave will mesmerize you. You will find pink, white, and tan shells making up the sand. The very name Playa Conchal (Shell Beach) is derived from shells.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is a small town in Costa Rican Northern Pacific coast on the Nicoya Peninsula. It is about a 4-hour drive from San Jose International Airport. It is popular with tourists as it has good paved roads along with other modern amenities. This being a surfers’ paradise has attracted surfers with excellent waves at the mouth of estuary.

Samara Beach

Samara beach is a breathtaking beach with diverse activities. It has soft sand stretching over 7 km lined with palm trees. It has a good coral reef, which means less undercurrent, so newbies and kids may safely learn surfing or swimming. The beach is ideal for boogie boarding, swimming, and snorkeling. You have standard hotels and spas to enjoy leisure activities too.

Playa Santa Teresa

This is a very long and flat beach and a splendor spot for surfers. At low tide, this becomes a really huge one and photos taken here can be epically beautiful as the wet sand starts reflecting the setting sun. At high tide, the beach is closed down for surfing. Better plan your surf based on tide forecast. Adventure camps and annual competitions are being conducted in this beach.

Punta Uva Beach

This beach is known for its calmer waters, white sand, and reefs. It is situated within Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. We can enjoy bird watching and wildlife seeing, including a variety of bird species, capuchin monkeys, and lizards. There are not many luxury hotels or vacation homes available, but midrange hotels are ample in the town. Puerto Viejo is the nearest place, which can provide you with supplies other than grocery.

Playa Jaco Beach

Playa Jaco is the nearest of all the beaches from the capital San Jose. It has gray sand with the back drop of palm trees. This is a most commonly visited beach in Costa Rica. So, there are a medley of stay options, including restaurants and bars. You can go for zip line, ATV, and catamaran rides and other beach activities.

These beach destinations in Costa Rica will enchant and relax you, making your vacation a dream come true. Costa Rica is the ideal destination for a well-deserved break from busy life. So, “Felizvarado”—Happy beaching!


Tips When Visiting Chicago Alone

Have you already tried exploring Chicago alone? There are plenty of reasons why it is perfect for you to have a trip to this city.

If you feel you can also enjoy travelling alone, just make sure that you already have the idea of the amazing places to visit and interesting things to do in a particular tourist destination. Despite of being alone, there are plenty of reasons why you can completely enjoy your Chicago adventure.

Are you brave enough travel Chicago alone? If yes, here are the outstanding things you can try when you visit Chicago by yourself.

Blend with the city

So, what does blending with the city means? Blending with the city is all about acting as if you know already where you are going and you actually belong to that city.

In addition, you can take advantage of a map guide so that it would be easier for you walk around the street. Apart from that, you can use your smart phone in order to get familiar with the areas that you plan to visit.

In order for you to create more authentic Chicago experience, you can try attending different workshops or seminars that can help you gain learnings about the place. Therefore, if you really wanted to effectively blend with the city, you have to confidently visit different places while getting deeper understanding of the city.

Talk to other people

Maybe, some people find it hard to travel alone is that they feel of being lonely. To solve this problem, you need to have the courage to talk to other people. If successfully done, you can expect that it would be easier for you to enjoy more things about the city as well as to discover more interesting places.

By simply talking to the locals, you can gain ideas about the hidden places that can bring you surprises. When you visit bars, restaurants or cinema lines, you can randomly have conversations with the people around. That way you can also hear beautiful stories that can bring an inspiration or even you will be able to meet fellow travelers.

Feel comfortable when dining

Although a lot of people find it intimidating to dine alone, if you know how to make yourself comfortable, you will be to enjoy. Chicago serves to be an amazing place to watch people. You can simply sit down and concentrate on your smartphone.

Sometimes, there is no wrong being alone while dining on a restaurant where you don’t need to have someone to talk to. It can actually have time to evenly appreciate the things and the people around you.

Pick the accommodation wisely

Not all hotels in Chicago can give you affordable prices. So, you need to choose a hotel accommodation wisely unless you wanted to have some financial issue during your trip.

With so much amazing things to do in Chicago, avoid spending too much on a hotel room. Before heading your way to the city, make sure that you already have ideas where it is affordable to stay.

Do whatever makes you happy

One of the best ways for you successfully enjoy your trip to Chicago is for you to freely do things can make you happy. Remember, you aim to go to New York for you to enjoy, so make sure that you have enough time to do things that can complete your travel.

Now, after you learn amazing tips that can make your Chicago adventure successful even without a companion, you will definitely have the confidence. Make sure that you stay happy all the time!