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I am afraid of culture shock

Even if you are an open-minded person, it is possible that the confrontation with poverty and a culture very different from yours will destabilize you. Cultural shock usually occurs a few weeks after arrival in a country. At first, you are fascinated by this new culture, but after a while, some things that seemed normal to you become unacceptable to you. You feel betrayed and it generates frustration and anxiety in you. No worries, it’s a normal process. To minimize it, find out about the countries you visit, prepare yourself mentally and plan to stay in touch with your loved ones.

I will be homesick

It is possible that you have a little blues after a few weeks or months of travel. Your loved ones will miss you and you will have a little negative vision of your trip. Certain circumstances, such as an event in your family (birth, marriage, death …) or the fact that you are very attached to your loved ones, can amplify homesickness. Traveling too fast can also be a cause, as you will lose some of your bearings. In this case, ask yourself a moment in a place where you feel good. Homesickness often goes away as quickly as it came.

To travel is to flee the real life

For some, there may be a part of flight in wanting to travel. It is sometimes an argument of your family that is afraid to see you go so far and so long. The click that pushes you to go around the world can come from a breakup, the death of a loved one, a dismissal … The trip is not the miracle solution to solve all your problems, but it can be a great source of personal enrichment. It is often also a nice parenthesis which allows to relativize your problems.

I will feel lonely

One of the biggest obstacles to traveling for single people is the fear of leaving alone. Many think of finding a traveling companion before departure, but ultimately very few do. In fact, many tourdumondists, women or men, go solo. Paradoxically, traveling alone favors meetings. You have to go to others. It may seem odd to you if you have not traveled a lot yet, but when you go solo, you finally spend quite a bit of time alone. And, if you are a natural introvert, this is a great way to overcome your shyness.

Are we going to support each other?

For couples, it’s more the opposite question: “Will we get to live together h24 without farting the lead?” There, we can not guarantee you a success rate of 100%. We have heard about couples who broke during a world tour. But it’s finally quite rare and often there was already some tension before departure. In most cases, the couple comes out reinforced. Sharing so many extraordinary experiences is a unique binder.

Find your balance of couples on a tripFind your balance of couples on a trip

I am afraid for the education of children

Leaving with children means no school, often during a school year. However, families of Turdumondists do not give up the education of their children. Parents usually give a few hours of lessons a day during the trip. Sometimes the teacher is even seduced by the project and agrees to do a little remote monitoring.

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